This depends on the nature of your business!

If you are a sole trader, you will probably have built your business up from scratch.  In which case you will be doing everything, answering the phone, replying to messages, checking emails, answering correspondence and not to mention accounts!

Everyone of these things takes up time, time that you could spend growing your business.

And guess what this is what we can help with.

  • Call Answering
  • Customer Queries
  • Product Support
  • Process orders and payments
  • Log details in a support platform
  • Delivery queries/issues
  • Implement the returns policy
  • Social Media Monitoring

If you have moved beyond the start up phase you might even be thinking of adding staff to the company.  This of course is a very large step,  Hiring an e-commerce executive will make that step easier and smaller. If someone needs to arrange a return or there is a problem – or are you  there to answer the phones when your website traffic increases.

All of these factors make the difference between a successful e-commerce business and one which fails to deliver on brand promises.

You can outsource this operation to us